4th of July Feature

This is a model code "D" or Deluxe, which has trim on all flight surfaces, fender pods on the wheels and stripes on the engine cowling and fenders.   If an "X" is added to this model code it would be because of special features that may have been added (i.e. machine guns, etc.). Price ranges for a model code "D" typically run approx. $45, but it can be $limitless depending on how many and what type of extras or "special features" that may be added.  Plus if we have to ship it to you, there will be an additional shipping charge which would depend on the location it will be shipped to.

 ***If interested in this sculpture, a similar sculpture, another sculpture you see on this website or for a custom order, please feel free to contact me at clronquist@gmail.com
Thanks!! ~~Charles


We have a large "fleet" of Stars & Stripes sculptures ready for your 4th of July celebration. Each sculpture is unique, no two are the same. E-mail me at clronquist@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of the sculptures you see here and I'll set you up!!!

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