I created these whimsical, handmade airplane sculptures constructed entirely out of construction paper and glue.  Each is signed, dated, numbered and cataloged, with no two being exactly the same.

Inspired by childhood memories of the film, those magnificent men and their flying machines and a Saturday morning cartoon in which wacky racers piloted bizarre aircraft.

The first series of about ten sculptures were completed early in 2002 and given primarily to family and friends as gifts.

It was suggested to me that the sculptures could be sold.  So I re-designed the elevator, rudder, bottom wing and wing struts.  I created 26 A-Series airplanes from December 2005 to March 2006.

In April of 2010 the engines and wing struts were again re-designed.  I also added cockpit controls.  In July of 2010 the B-Series was created.

As of December 2012, 357 B-Series sculptures have been created in 3 different models.  The S or Standard is an airplane sculpture with no extra decorations.  The C or Custom sculpture has decorative trim on the fuselage, top wing and either the elevators or the rudder.  Finally the D or Deluxe has trim on all flight surfaces, fender pods on the wheels and stripes on the engine cowling and fenders.  If any anything extra is added to a model, an X is added to the model code in the catalog.

Airplane sculptures can also be special ordered in custom designs, using special color combinations, use of business logos and for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

The sculptures can be cleaned using a small can of compressed air held a few feet away from the sculpture.  The sculptures will fade if exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, but with gentle handling will last for decades.

If a part becomes bent it can be repaired by putting a small spot of glue on the area where the strut goes and pressing the strut back into place.

If the sculpture becomes damaged without being "crushed flat", it can be repaired free of charge by mailing the damaged sculpture to the artist with a return address.

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